Festivals & Events

We are idea event professionals! The Impact Arts Events Group team has been creating, managing and producing unique, memorable events since 1989. From music festivals, triathlons, river cleanups, and First Night celebrations, to dance residencies, arts benefits, and food festivals, we bring an unrivaled passion for perfection to every event.

Corporate Events

No group has higher expectations than the business audience—which makes executing flawless corporate events one of the event industry’s most significant challenges. That's why we take pride in our ability to engineer engaging custom presentations and meet the nuanced needs of our corporate clients week in week out. And, the high-stakes excitement of perfectly orchestrated award shows is where our passion and never-say-impossible attitude shine.

Arts & Education

Arts & Education programming is at the heart of Impact Arts Events Group. We believe that creating cultural events that bring people together, change lives and spark creativity is some of our most important work. We are committed to realizing the community benefits of these efforts. As a result, we embrace the rewards and the challenges with equal excitement.

Events Giving Back

The Impact Arts team is always asking how we can make a difference locally and globally. This year, we have an answer. We want to tap into people's inherent desire to learn, take action and play a role in creating a better world. So, we are launching an initiative to create events that help people give back. Click "See More" if you have ideas that could make a difference!
We Got You Covered
Pro Audio, Video, Lighting
Production values that make a difference at the event
Expert Technical Direction
Technical Producing for 30 years for almost every type of event
Content creation, focused messaging, actionable takeaways for attendees
A fresh look at any event space, expert outdoor solutions, non-traditional space design.
Production Management
30 years of producing events of every size and shape
Idea Creation
Idea professionals, thriving on the challenge of creating a new event
Graphic Design & Motion
Presentation desk design, artful motion graphic videos
Logistical management
Sweating the details to insure flawless execution
Don't Take Our
Word For It
"ImpactArts is great at making an event happen and handling the many details at one time with lots of energy."
-Mary M. Mushinsky, Asst. Majority Leader,
CT State Representative
"Impact Arts Events was critical to keeping my trade show operating without a hitch and, most importantly, on budget. Steve Van Ness's tenacity, attention to detail and intimate knowledge of event production made my job much easier and allowed me to focus on other parts of the trade show experience. "
-Dana Bertotti, Events Manager,
BiZBash Media
"Steve is the best advance production person I have ever worked with."
-Estelle McDonald,
"Steve is the only person I would work with in the United States."
-Keith Smith, Conductor,
Southampton Youth Orchestra
"Smashing! Brilliant! Steve saved the tour, finding great concert venue and sorting out all the details in less than a month. "
-Jain Higgines, Director,
Southampton Youth Jazz Orchestra
"I applaud your attention to Detail. One of the best organized tours I have ever done in 28 years."
-Colin Amos,
Island of Jersey Youth Band
"Steve is a man of vision, energy and accomplishments. Always unsatisfied to simply go along with the flow; searching, finding and building. He is enterprising and most accomplished."
-- Michael Uthoff, Artistic Director,
Hartford Ballet, Ballet Arizona, Ballet Estable del Teatro Colon
" I can safely say that there is no way we could have pulled off the event in Times Square without your on the ground expertise and knowledge. You and your entire crew were of the utmost professionalism. Next time we pull a gig of this scale, ImpactArts is tops on my list! "
-Greg Roberts,
Playmotion, LLC
"Each year, no matter how many last minute changes, Steve has provided us with an exceptionally seamless show! Steve has the "Can Do" attitude that we take pride in. No wonder Sprint and Impact Arts Events Group partner so well together. With Steve's "Yes You Can" spirit, business gets done."
-Kerri Fasulo,
If you need to energize an existing event or bring a new event idea to life, we would love to talk with you about your vision.