Concerts on the Common - Boston, MA
Concerts on the Common - Boston, MA
Energetic Expertise for Events & Festivals
I can safely say that there is no way we could have pulled off the event in Times Square without your on the ground expertise and knowledge.

You and your entire crew were of the utmost professionalism.

Next time we pull a gig of this scale, ImpactArts is tops on my list!
-Greg Roberts
PlayMotion, LLC
The Impact Arts Events team has been creating, producing, promoting and managing festivals and events for over 20 years.

From the venue design and management of Concerts on the Common in Boston in the 1980's to producing the Sprint/Nextel Satellite Broadcast Merger Event at Madison Square Garden in the fall of 2005, Impact Arts Events Group brings energetic expertise to events of all shapes and sizes.
ImpactArts is great at making an event happen and handling the many details at one time with lots of energy.
-Mary M. Mushinsky
Asst. Majority Leader
CT State Representative

Whether you are planning a community fundraiser, city-wide sporting event or major festival, Impact Arts Events Group has the creative spirit, technical expertise and marketing savvy to ensure your success.

Contact us today to find out how we can bring your festival or event to life.