Steve Van Ness, the founder of Impact Arts Events Group, has been creating and producing events for 30 years.

Steve has worked on almost every type of event in locations from major cities to ski resorts. He draws on an extraordinary range of events experience, including executive-level corporate meetings, major music festivals, sports events, nonprofit arts & education initiatives, and award shows.

Steve was one of the founders and original producers of the nationally-known Gathering of the Vibes music festival and has produced U.S. tours for international performing artists including a Russian country bluegrass band, an Indian theater company and a youth orchestra from the United Kingdom.

Steve’s passion for event design and management is fueled by the company’s motto, coined at its inception: Energetic Expertise. He is an idea entrepreneur who brings professional and technical expertise along with significant creative energy to every event.

Identifying the right team for each project is one of the keys to executing a great event. With his extensive involvement in the event industry, Steve understands all facets of the business and has built a network of top event and technical professionals across the U.S.