Arts & Education

Ideas that bring arts programming to life are the creative heart of Impact Arts Events Group. We have used our unique expertise to develop and advance arts & education projects for many years—initiatives that tie the corporate community to the non-profit community and create win/win opportunities for everyone.

We created Celebrate the Music, an interactive introduction to the orchestra for grade-schoolers, to motivate students to learn to play an instrument. Children walked among youth orchestra musicians during a performance and then were allowed to handle the instruments afterward, as a way to spark excitement around the possibility of making music.

Additionally, we developed the Hartford Ballet’s summer dance residency at Killington Ski Resort. This exclusive event resulted in many new opportunities for choreographers and dancers and introduced world-class dance to the local community.

International Touring

Impact Arts has also managed and produced international performing arts tours, including a Bombay-based theater company, acclaimed Indian musicians, a youth orchestra from England, and a Russian country bluegrass band.

“Steve is a man of vision, energy and accomplishments. Always unsatisfied to simply go along with the flow; searching, finding and building. He is enterprising and most accomplished.”
– Michael Uthoff, Artistic Director Hartford Ballet; Ballet Arizona; Ballet Estable del Teatro Colon

“I applaud your attention to Detail. One of the best organized tours I have ever done in 28 years.”
– Colin Amos, Island of Jersey Youth Band

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